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From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

Micro Solutions

Micro social work interventions are a powerful tool for addressing individual needs and supporting community development. These approaches focus on each person's unique circumstances and experiences, tailoring support to their specific needs and goals.

Microservices include

  • Life coaching

  • Training

  • Professional development

  • Communication skills

  • Time-management

Mezzo Solutions

Mezzo social work interventions focus on working with small groups or communities to address social issues. Mezzo social work involves working with families, groups, and organizations to improve their well-being.

Mezzo services include

  • Community development

  • Community organizing

  • Organizational development and training

  • Teambuilding

two women sitting beside table and talking
two women sitting beside table and talking
Macro Solutions

Macro social work interventions and solutions refer to strategies that are aimed at addressing social problems on a larger scale. These interventions are designed to tackle issues that affect entire communities, regions, or even countries.

Macro services include

  • Policy development & analysis

  • Social science research & design

  • Program development & evaluation

  • Research development & design

  • Data analysis

  • Publications submission

person in red sweater holding babys hand
person in red sweater holding babys hand